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If you're a mobile application developer or your company has multiple mobile applications, traditional аналитика doesn't quite cut it. Download behavior, store performance and usage behavior is key data that can help you significantly increase sales or downloads, as well as user interaction. People have come to expect a different experience when they are interacting on a mobile device… and аналитика метавонад ба шумо дар ошкор кардани имкониятҳо кӯмак расонад.

Ҳисоб як платформаи Analytics аст, ки танҳо ба таҳиягарони замимаҳои мобилӣ нигаронида шудааст.


Countly маҷмӯи фаровони хусусиятҳо ва манфиатҳоро фароҳам меорад:

  • панели – Once you open the dashboard, you'll be amazed to see how easy it's to monitor your data with splendid graphics. Countly dashboard shows you everything at once in an elegant way. No need to dig in several pages to find the information you need. Track unlimited number of applications with Countly, and switch between your apps, games and ebooks easily.
  • Рафтори корбар – Track your in-app purchase with Countly's custom event system. Track your customer's behaviour, and the reasons of frustration to increase engagement and loyalty. Watch your players closely to ensure success and maximize your online game revenue.
  • Барномаҳои беҳтар созед – Countly helps you measure and evaluate mobile application engagement and adoption, enabling optimization of mobile content. Decent graphics show where a spike occurs, allowing to dig into the problem itself in order to optimize your campaign. Countly supports the world's leading smartphones, iOS & Android, and looking forward to add more to this list.
  • ҳисоботҳо – Countly provides stunning reports including charts and tables, showing how your application performed for a given period. Producing electronic reports has never been easier, thanks to Countly's impressive report generator. You can add or remove pages through our report generator and choose the type of chart to display on each page.
  • Дастрасии мобилӣ – Don't ever miss any valuable insights about your applications whether you are in a meeting, on the road or just away from your desk. Countly mobile apps offer highly optimized usability and visualization features. Check any of your application stats with the ease of a browser. Access your application stats from anywhere, anytime. Turn any spare time into a productive moment.

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